Chairman’s Message

With immense happiness, I am pleased to share my thoughts of our journey and our commitment to our customers in the future.
At Golden Glory Transport, over the past many years, with our excellent service and strong delivery, we have always earned accolades from our customers and the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority.
We through our services including bus services, trailer services and other similar needs cater to large number of organizations in UAE and with true pricing which meets the expectations of our customers’ we have been able to grow with addition of new customers every year.
I have been fortunate to have a team which understands client needs and with our strong focus and dedication, we achieve our objectives and move forward positively. I personally get involved in our services to ensure delivery of strong quality in all our business dealings.
I personally invite to you please talk to us for any needs you may have and I will personally look into your requirements and assist you in having the excellent service from our end.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to our customers, business partners, government authorities and all the stakeholders for the support and commitment to help us serve strongly in the region.
I also extend my heartiest wishes for all your endeavors.